Tea Party for TWO!!!

Our granddaughter is TWO!!! She is our everything and I have to admit (I know everyone says this about their own kids/grands) but she IS the CUTEST little thing EVER!!!

She has filled our lives with so much joy and love the past 2 years. I’m happy to share a few images from her Tea Party for Two birthday session.


I’m being constantly reminded how quickly she is growing. Don’t forget to capture every milestone because these precious moments are beautiful and our babies don’t stay little for very long. Email me today at ContactAtLastProd@gmail.com to reserve your session!!!


A Celebration of Life and Love ~ Misty Lakes, North Augusta SC


With today being our wedding anniversary, nothing makes me happier than being able to share a sweet image from Estelle & Kenneth’s party. In honor of Estelle’s 90th birthday and their 60th wedding anniversary, their family put together an amazing celebration for them at Misty Lakes in Aiken, SC.

As my time was winding down, I wanted to take a few moments to capture a couple of images of them together. As I was setting up this image, I really wanted to position them closer together. I had Mrs. Estelle stand so that I could move her chair closer and Mr. Kenneth, from his seat, reached out to her to hold her arm to help steady her. Still looking after her. Still taking care of her. I can only dream and hope that when I’m 90 that my husband will be still reaching out for me. To guide me and protect me.
This is absolutely one of my most favorite images of them. So much can be read in their hands… strength, tenderness and devotion. I could only be as lucky to celebrate 60 years of marriage. So here is to 15 years down & 45 to go!!!
Happy Anniversary to my love, Phillip.

03.02.2013 Bridal Photography ~ Tiffany ~ At Last Productions LLC


I had a super fun time with Tiffany and her parents. It’s not often that both mom & dad come along on a bridal session. Deep down…. let’s just say – Oh what I wouldn’t give to have a daddy like that!! Yeah, so I had a little bit of jealously. What can I say… there is a special place in my heart for all dads that put it out there for their kids. Oh and yeah, if you’re wondering, mom is a total rockstar!

This was no ordinary day either. Rain threatened and teased us and to be honest I was scared, more than a little. Seeing a bride in a wedding dress… carrying her dress as dad holds an umbrella over her. Let’s just say I was nervous. Did I mention, it was freezing. Tiffany was so amazing and such a trooper!

When the rain really started coming down and the wind picked up speed we decided to go to our second location. I hoped I would get a little warmed up by the heater in my car. When we got to our second location just a short distance away the rain was still coming down and the air was frigid. Mom, Dad & Tiffany took off towards the shelter & I with my equipment in tow was right behind them. Ok maybe not right behind – I’m still working on the fitness thing – Just being honest. With shelter overhead, we continued with our session. Then something wonderful happened. It stopped raining and the wind stopped blowing so wildly. We got our magic going and I got some beautiful shots of Tiffany.


It was an adrenaline rush of a session. In a lot of ways, just like a marriage. Sometimes things will be tough, sometimes they will be gloomy but if you remember why you wanted to marry that special person in the first place – there will always be sunshine in the end!


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