Perrys Landing Tasting Event 4/25/21

So this is one of my favorite events that I look forward to ALL year!!! It’s not just about meeting new couples in love but this venue is ah-mazing!!!

Perrys Landing has some of the prettiest landscaping that creates a beautiful backdrop for your wedding ceremony and reception. Can we talk about sitting out tables on the lawn, to enjoy a meal and looking out at the gorgeous sunset streaming thru the trees?!?

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When I tell you they show off… they do it big. I mean how awesome is it to see the potential of decor that’s available for your big day?!? Here’s just a few of my favorites!!! I have to admit I love a beautiful pop of color. Good thing I’m not getting married because these tablescapes are fabulous and I would not be able to choose just one.

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Miss Ruby. Y’all!!! Her cakes are sooooo good! I don’t even care…. I. Will. Always. Eat. Cake!!! She makes my fat girl heart happy. Things just taste better with some love baked in and her cakes (I have enjoyed several at this point) are always delicious! Oh yeah and I don’t even mess around with them baby cakes – I grab up the full sized!!!

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Can we talk competition? Can we talk about love for our competition? Well I’ve got mad love for Courtney of Sugar Peach. Not only is she so freakin adorable but she is the sweetest too. I’ve worked with her and even for her for several past events. If you need video she would be who I will recommend… EVERY time! PL’s DJ is pretty awesome. I may have shaked this booty five times or ten…. I dunno. That’s just a sign of having a great time and enjoying yourself. I always want to get in on the action and have fun at my events. So if you see me on the dance floor… join me!!! The musicians were so smooth and relaxing. I could totally envision hearing them playing welcoming music as your guests arrive, your ceremony entrance song and recessional music. PL’s staff is top notch! Mignon and her crew make sure every detail is executed perfectly and do it with such grace.

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After confirming a special surprise was coming up…. I rounded up a couple and told them there was about to be some fireworks and I would love to try to get a few pics. They graciously came out…. and I captured a little something fun for them.

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Once I was done I noticed another couple and someone with a cell phone getting some snaps of them. I was a little pushy and had their celltographer (yep I just made up that word) move over and let me get in there. The fireworks were nearly over but I made something magical in the end!!! Oh and if you’re wondering… that bright circle… it’s the moon.

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I’d love to say Congrats to all the couples!!! Thank YOU to everyone that I got to chat with and that allowed me to capture just a quick moment of this exciting time preparing for one of the best days ever!!!

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Finally…. a huge shoutout to my assistant. My skip to My LOU!!! Thank you for making my job easier! I love YOU!!! (previous selfie used because even though I intended to totally snap one of us… I forgot {insert super sad face}).

Nashville, TN: Imaging USA

What’s new with At Last Productions???

ImagingUSA Gaylord Opryland Resort, Nashville TN


We, Cherie and Phillip, had such a great time in Nashville, TN at the Gaylord Opryland Resort. I, Cherie, had to go to Imaging and frankly, it is, hands down, one of the largest gatherings of professional photographers for wedding, newborn, maternity, boudoir and senior photography and so much more. Phillip lets me drag him along because he is the most awesomest person ever!!!

Snow topped trees on a hilltop


Our drive from Augusta, Georgia to Nashville, Tennessee was definitely one filled with beauty and excitement. It was snowing!!! On the way there and while we were there. We’re not talking about that 1/4″ Georgia snow that shuts down schools and has everyone going out to buy up all the milk and bread within a three state radius.  I can only gauge accumulation based on what I saw stacked on chairs, tables and the grass but my guess is 3-4″ total and it was soooo pretty.

Red Berries

Footprints in the snow


I was so excited for the snow and Imaging that I stayed awake the whole drive. I’m usually out like a lumberjack after working 15 hours followed up by a hot shower and a full belly and this is only 10 minutes into the car ride. Just sayin for a friend, who gets stuck driving while I am snoring. Other than the snow, I was excited to be able to go and learn from the top educators and professionals in the photography industry.

Hello Jack


I came back having found beautiful new products that I can’t wait to share with our clients. I am overflowing with new ideas about our business and where our direction is taking us.

Beautiful lighting


We are fortunate to share our journey of our crazy, fun and love filled life with you!



Lakeshia & Al are married!!! Lighting and Monogram by At Last Productions!

At Last Productions has been so excited for Lakeshia & Al’s wedding!!! Lakeshia wanted a beautiful lavender for their wedding ceremony at The Boathouse. Then we livened things up with a dramatic gorgeous purple for their reception. There were so many beautiful and fun details to the dainty silver sequined tablecloths to the personalized Coke bottles!!!

At Last Productions is so honored to have worked on making Lakeshia & Al’s wedding day beautiful with lighting and custom monogram. We are pleased to share a few special details of their wedding day!!!



Camarie & Alton are married…. AGAIN!!!

At Last Productions was hired to create a monogram for Camarie and Alton but I got to sneak and witness their super sweet commitment to each other. I always try to carry my camera with me. Especially lately. Well because you just never know when you will want it or need it. And if I had a dollar for everytime I’ve said “I wish I had my camera”. Well I’d surely be a thousandaire.

I’m so excited that this day…  I did have my camera!!!

Meet the Moore Family!!
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I love this family so much! Jennifer is one of the most absolutely sweetest, inspirational and devoted persons I know. I’ve had the great privilege to not only know her but to also call her my friend. She would do anything for anyone, anytime. There’s just not many people left in the world like her.

Jennifer – Thank YOU for personally inspiring me every day and for being incredibly awesome!
Please feel free to tag yourself and others but DO NOT remove copyright information. Thank You!
Please feel free to tag yourself and others but DO NOT remove copyright information. Thank You!
Please feel free to tag yourself and others but DO NOT remove copyright information. Thank You!

Darasha’s Sweet 16 ~ The Boathouse ~ At Last Productions LLC

At Last Productions LLC put the pretty in pink at Darasha’s Sweet 16 Celebration with Hot Pink Lighting and custom designed monogram at The Boathouse. We love to take the ideas and concepts of our client and bring them to life.

Together with our clients vision of the perfect party and our expertise in lighting and design we can create something amazing.
Want to make a real statement at your event…. Let us help!
Lighting personalizes any space into YOUR space!

I met a new photography friend tonight. So awesome to meet you Christopher Adell!! Even though it sometimes feels a little strange for me to be on the other side of the camera, I would say he rocked it!!!
Nothing makes you feel more welcome than an amazing smile!!
Let them have cupcakes!!

Want to make your daughter’s 16th Birthday truly Sweet? Contact us today to take your event to the next level!!

04.06.2013 Wedding DJ Hephzibah GA ~ Ashley & Scott ~ Perrys Landing

At Last Productions LLC had a BALL at Ashley & Scott’s Reception! Their Reception was at the beautiful barn at Perrys Landing.





Ashley & Scott!!!


Ashley & Scott shared a very special dance with their parents. Ashley honored her father with the first part of the song, then Scott honored his mother with a dance during the second part and lastly they both danced with their parents until the song ended.



It’s so awesome to have have a couple that knows how to have fun & enjoy themselves. Towards the end of the reception Phillip had a crazy idea! Check it out here!!! Shaking it with Ashley & Scott

03.02.2013 Bridal Photography ~ Tiffany ~ At Last Productions LLC

I had a super fun time with Tiffany and her parents. It’s not often that both mom & dad come along on a bridal session. Deep down…. let’s just say – Oh what I wouldn’t give to have a daddy like that!! Yeah, so I had a little bit of jealously. What can I say… there is a special place in my heart for all dads that put it out there for their kids. Oh and yeah, if you’re wondering, mom is a total rockstar!

This was no ordinary day either. Rain threatened and teased us and to be honest I was scared, more than a little. Seeing a bride in a wedding dress… carrying her dress as dad holds an umbrella over her. Let’s just say I was nervous. Did I mention, it was freezing. Tiffany was so amazing and such a trooper!

When the rain really started coming down and the wind picked up speed we decided to go to our second location. I hoped I would get a little warmed up by the heater in my car. When we got to our second location just a short distance away the rain was still coming down and the air was frigid. Mom, Dad & Tiffany took off towards the shelter & I with my equipment in tow was right behind them. Ok maybe not right behind – I’m still working on the fitness thing – Just being honest. With shelter overhead, we continued with our session. Then something wonderful happened. It stopped raining and the wind stopped blowing so wildly. We got our magic going and I got some beautiful shots of Tiffany.

It was an adrenaline rush of a session. In a lot of ways, just like a marriage. Sometimes things will be tough, sometimes they will be gloomy but if you remember why you wanted to marry that special person in the first place – there will always be sunshine in the end!

If you would like to schedule a photography session or hire me for your wedding day photography call/text me at 706.833.5229. Visit our Facebook Page & LIKE Us!! Check out our website & take a few minutes to look over our blog!

11.10.2012 Winter Wonderland ~ The Legends Club ~ At Last Productions LLC Wedding Lighting

At Last Productions LLC is excited when a challenge comes our way! We were entrusted with lighting a tent inside the already awesome The Legends Club. A bride’s dream of a White Winter Wonderland realized! I was able to take a quick shot of the bride & groom during their First Dance under the tent!

Beautiful Lighted Columns!

Awesome flavored sodas chill out on this fabulous Ice Sculpture!!!

Simple centerpieces are so elegant……

The Perfect Wedding Cake by Katie Jiminez!!

Lighting in the Trees and pretty popcorn!!

Usually I speak about the awesome wedding cake at a reception (which it was) but I am compelled to show you what ended up being the most yummiest thing ever – 5 Layer Dip!!

We would be honored to meet with you and talk about how we can make your next event over the top gorgeous!!! Message us on Facebook or email us at today!

11.03.2012 Brittany & Javiante Beautiful Reception at the Belair Conference Center ~ Uplighting Augusta GA

At Last Productions LLC was so excited to help Brittany’s wedding day vision  majestically  unfold. There’s a lot of hard work that goes into making it happen perfectly!

From Before….

To After!!!

Love having the wedding couple be the center of attention with a spotlight on the Sweetheart Table!!

Spotlights also highlighted the wedding & groom’s cake!

Check out these centerpieces surrounded in beautiful purple lighting!

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