How do you celebrate…. YOU?

Certain milestones should be celebrated!!! Birthdays, anniversaries and honestly…… EVERY day!!! Did you know you don’t need an occasion to celebrate yourself?!? IKR…. it seems so simple yet sometimes we forget how amazing we are just everyday. When you’re ready…. get in touch and let’s celebrate…. YOU!!!!

Btw…. huge shout out to my hubster who made this ah*mazing swing for me!!!

Celebrate.... YOU!!!
Images shared with client permission!!!

Tea Party for TWO!!!

Our granddaughter is TWO!!! She is our everything and I have to admit (I know everyone says this about their own kids/grands) but she IS the CUTEST little thing EVER!!!

She has filled our lives with so much joy and love the past 2 years. I’m happy to share a few images from her Tea Party for Two birthday session.


I’m being constantly reminded how quickly she is growing. Don’t forget to capture every milestone because these precious moments are beautiful and our babies don’t stay little for very long. Email me today at to reserve your session!!!