At Last Productions Photo Booth at Perrys Landing Barn 9.21.2013

We had so much fun at Paige & Nathan’s wedding reception running the photo booth. We think that they had a super fun time too! It just goes to show a little bit of rain can’t put a damper on an amazing couple’s wedding day! Congrats to you Paige & Nathan ~ we wish you a hundred lifetimes of love and fun!!! Do you need to add some fun to your next event? Contact Us to schedule a meeting so we can discuss how we can make your event great!






Event Lighting ~ 50th Anniversary Nathaniel & Dollie ~ At Last Productions

At Last Productions LLC had such an amazing time sharing in the celebration party for Nathaniel & Dollie hosted by their children at the Gordon Club.
Uplighting by

It makes me think what challenges and surprises we will see in our journey in our own marriage together. A couple like the Howards gives inspiration and hope that no matter what comes your way as a couple, that together you can overcome anything.

One of my favorite things was a beautiful magazine that was not only their program but it included their favorite things and their wedding day story.

Let us help tell your story. For your next event let us create a custom monogram that speaks of who you are.
Custom Monogram by At Last Productions LLC at Gordon Club

Make your wedding cake a standout feature of your wedding with a highlight on the cake and lighting underneath the table.

Amazing Cake Spotlight and Table Lighting
Amazing Cake Spotlight and Table Lighting

Check out what happens when we add lighting to an ice sculpture! Everyone seemed to really love it. Guests took pictures in front of it all night long. Even when we were breaking down our equipment and turned off the lights we still got requests to turn back on the lighting so guests could get a few more snap shots. We were happy to oblige.
Ice Sculpture Lighting by At Last Productions LLC

Everyone had a great seat no matter where they were because River City Video Productions broadcast all the speakers and action real time on a huge projection screen and on tv screens around the room.

Beautiful florals by Dewayne Hannah
Beautiful Florals by Dewayne Hannah
Photography & Lighting by At Last Productions LLC
Beautiful Florals by Dewayne Hannah
Photography & Lighting by At Last Productions LLC

We wanted to also mention a few more great vendors we directly or indirectly worked with to make this event possible.

Ventriloquist – Joy Productions
Photographer – Vic Lambert

Contact Us today to reserve your celebration with us. Not only do we offer beautiful lighting options but we offer stunning photography, awesome wedding entertainment and a super fun photo booth in Augusta GA. We are available for travel to many areas in Georgia and South Carolina.

7.21.2013 Sea Pines Resort Wedding ~ At Last Productions LLC

A fellow photographer listed the chance to tag along and photograph a wedding on the ever beautiful Hilton Head Island. It’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure to shoot a destination wedding, so I couldn’t pass this up. I am grateful and honored to have this amazing opportunity to capture some of Erica & Damien’s wedding at Sea Pines Resort.

The excitement and happiness were contagious as Erica & Damien prepared to see each other and declare their love for one another.
I Do!!

Even though this was my first time meeting Erica & Damien, I feel like I have known them forever!

Programs that doubled as a fan – AWESOME! They were welcomed to help battle the sizzling heat.

Intricately detailed favors gave a gentle reminder of the beach and sea.

Erica & Damien’s ceremony was full of love and emotion. I laugh at myself because I got misty eyed as I watched them make their dedications to each other.

After the ceremony was over we headed over to the lighthouse and took a few pictures. This ended up being my favorite.

At Last Productions would be honored to be a part of your wedding day! We are happy to travel! Contact us today to reserve your wedding day with us!!

Digital Negative vs Enhanced Edit – What’s that mean?

I have gotten a few questions about what exactly is a digital negative. So let’s take a closer look at what that means.

Back in the days of film when you dropped off that 35mm (or for me… 110 film) with every roll that was developed you received a copy of the negative. This was used for archival purposes and if you needed to obtain a print you had to have the negative.

A Digital Negative is simply this: The unedited photographic digital capture of subjects in color or black and white.

For those clients that do have digital negatives included with their package they are, as needed, balanced for color and exposure.

Below is an example of a Digital Negative:

Digital Negative
Digital Negative

So how does that compare to an Enhanced Edit and WHY are you charging extra for that?

Well because capturing those amazing moments is just a part of what I do. Transforming those images into feelings, thoughts and ideas takes time and vision. I am only asking that for the hard work and long hours that I spend making that image perfectly representative of what I love and cherish that I be fairly compensated.

I as an artist, woman, wife and mother choose the images that most speak to me and that show the most emotion and feelings from our time together.

Below is an example of an Enhanced Edit:

Enhanced Edit
Enhanced Edit

Those days of film have long since passed us by. But it is very important to understand the importance of archiving digital files regardless if it is a digital negative or an enhanced edit. I urge you to print your most favorite images, show them off and display them proudly in your home. Keep your archival process updated as fast as there are advancements in technology.

These files hold your most treasured memories. If they are there unprotected, they can and will be lost forever.

Event Lighting At Last Productions LLC at Sacred Heart 5.11.13

We are beyond excited to show off some beautiful lighting work we did at Sacred Heart.

On it’s own, Sacred Heart is purely a stunner but with a little bit of lighting…. it’s out of this world.

At Last Productions LLC is proud to use led lighting that is powerful enough to reach to the very top height ceiling at the altar but yet be safe for your guests and family. Our goal to is create a beautiful atmosphere to match your d├ęcor and theme.

Uplighting in Teal & Purple

And as day turns into night the lighting becomes even more dramatic!
Beautiful uplighting

Reserve At Last Productions LLC today for your celebration! You can call or text us at 706.833.6019 or 706.833.5229 or send us an inquiry via our website!

04.20.2013 At Last Productions LLC ~ Greenbrier HS PROM!!

Phillip had a super fun time DJ’ing Greenbrier’s Prom for 2013! We even added a little color via our amazing lighting tech *Cherie*. Yep. That’s right. This old girl is learning more and more about our lighting and I am having a blast doing it!

The most important message of the night!!!

Cracker Jacks & a King & Queen!!!

If you need a professional DJ or photographer or would like to add beautiful lighting to your next event contact us today!

04.13.2013 Uplighting by At Last Productions LLC ~ Gordon Conference and Catering Center, Fort Gordon

We were so excited to work with some amazing vendors at Brittney and Joshua’s wedding at the Gordon Conference and Catering Center on Fort Gordon, GA. We are so fortunate to be able to work with other professionals that share the same goal as us…. to create something beautiful and special for a couple as they begin their amazing new life together.

We got the pleasure to work with Dewayne of Freelance Floral Design and see some of his beautiful creations. We can’t wait to see what he does at our next event together.

If you’ve ever read any of our blogs you know I have a strong affection for the sweet stuff! I was doing a little happy dance (and not just on the inside) when I saw the guys bringing in the cake by Jennifer’s Cakes. She is my absolutely favorite cake artist.

If you would like to reserve us for your wedding or event call us today at 706.833.6019 or 706.833.5229!!

04.06.2013 Wedding DJ Hephzibah GA ~ Ashley & Scott ~ Perrys Landing

At Last Productions LLC had a BALL at Ashley & Scott’s Reception! Their Reception was at the beautiful barn at Perrys Landing.


Ashley & Scott!!!


Ashley & Scott shared a very special dance with their parents. Ashley honored her father with the first part of the song, then Scott honored his mother with a dance during the second part and lastly they both danced with their parents until the song ended.


It’s so awesome to have have a couple that knows how to have fun & enjoy themselves. Towards the end of the reception Phillip had a crazy idea! Check it out here!!! Shaking it with Ashley & Scott

03.02.2013 Bridal Photography ~ Tiffany ~ At Last Productions LLC

I had a super fun time with Tiffany and her parents. It’s not often that both mom & dad come along on a bridal session. Deep down…. let’s just say – Oh what I wouldn’t give to have a daddy like that!! Yeah, so I had a little bit of jealously. What can I say… there is a special place in my heart for all dads that put it out there for their kids. Oh and yeah, if you’re wondering, mom is a total rockstar!

This was no ordinary day either. Rain threatened and teased us and to be honest I was scared, more than a little. Seeing a bride in a wedding dress… carrying her dress as dad holds an umbrella over her. Let’s just say I was nervous. Did I mention, it was freezing. Tiffany was so amazing and such a trooper!

When the rain really started coming down and the wind picked up speed we decided to go to our second location. I hoped I would get a little warmed up by the heater in my car. When we got to our second location just a short distance away the rain was still coming down and the air was frigid. Mom, Dad & Tiffany took off towards the shelter & I with my equipment in tow was right behind them. Ok maybe not right behind – I’m still working on the fitness thing – Just being honest. With shelter overhead, we continued with our session. Then something wonderful happened. It stopped raining and the wind stopped blowing so wildly. We got our magic going and I got some beautiful shots of Tiffany.

It was an adrenaline rush of a session. In a lot of ways, just like a marriage. Sometimes things will be tough, sometimes they will be gloomy but if you remember why you wanted to marry that special person in the first place – there will always be sunshine in the end!

If you would like to schedule a photography session or hire me for your wedding day photography call/text me at 706.833.5229. Visit our Facebook Page & LIKE Us!! Check out our website & take a few minutes to look over our blog!

03.03.13 Trash the Dress Bridal Photography Session ~ At Last Productions LLC

At Last Productions LLC

What happens when a bunch of photographers get together and they have a super awesome model? Help her Trash the Dress, of course! I had such a great time meeting Tiffany and getting some images that most of my Brides won’t even let me dream of.

At Last Productions LLC

At Last Productions LLC

At Last Productions LLC
At Last Productions LLC

Tiffany was willing to do whatever we asked of her and even transformed her dress from long to short with a simple pair of scissors… this task is not for the faint of heart. But how fun it was!

At Last Productions LLC

At Last Productions LLC

At Last Productions LLC

At Last Productions LLC
At Last Productions LLC

At Last Productions LLC

If you have a super fun idea for a photo session… contact At Last Productions LLC today and we can make it happen!

At Last Productions LLC

At Last Productions LLC
At Last Productions LLC

At Last Productions LLC