Antique furniture available for rental and sale

I’m now offering my beautiful antique settees and chairs for rental or sale!!!

Rentals are simple: A security deposit will be required for rental. Security must be in cash or cashapp. Your rental fee will be subtracted from your deposit and at return any remaining funds will be immediately refunded pending furniture is returned in the same condition as it was rented.

WHY is the deposit so high??? Well to put it plainly…. it insures that I will be compensated for the furniture if you never return it or if it is returned damaged and is in need of repair. The deposit is simply my replacement cost. All of the red pieces were reupholstered by Furniture Doctor. I chose to have the horse hair removed from them when I had them redone. They are all finished with the same stunning red fabric so that they coordinate even though they are not a matching set. These are perfect for Christmas, boudoir and romantic sessions. These are truly beautiful antiques.

$75 per day for the chairs w/$750 security. $150 per day for the settees top or bottom w/$2000 security. $200 per day for middle settee with $3000 security.
$125 to rent with security of $1000.

If you’re interested in a rental please let me know. Renter will be responsible for pickup and return of furniture. Delivery and pickup may be arranged based on availability for an additional fee. Thanks for looking!

How do you celebrate…. YOU?

Certain milestones should be celebrated!!! Birthdays, anniversaries and honestly…… EVERY day!!! Did you know you don’t need an occasion to celebrate yourself?!? IKR…. it seems so simple yet sometimes we forget how amazing we are just everyday. When you’re ready…. get in touch and let’s celebrate…. YOU!!!!

Btw…. huge shout out to my hubster who made this ah*mazing swing for me!!!

Celebrate.... YOU!!!
Images shared with client permission!!!

Lucy C. Laney High School Prom 2021

Wow! I had so much fun at prom. I won’t lie. I wanted to get out there and dance. This one really put me in my feels for a lot of different reasons. Not only was my favorite color (blue) in full force on some of the most gorgeous gowns and jackets I’ve seen. And I was lovin it. The real reason though this was special to me (only a few people know this) but my grandfather taught at Laney for 9 years, this March made 15 years since his passing.

There was such a great spirit and excitement for this prom. To see their joy, witness them welcome each other and overhear them give praise and compliments to one another is only a testament to how strong, brave and enlightened these young women and men are. I’m thrilled to have spent a few hours with them, as some of them are celebrating for the last time together before going off to make their marks in the world.

So now get ready for a little overshare!!!

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May the Fourth be with YOU…. Flashback

So we love all things Star Wars. I had my own VHS collections before I even met my husband some nearly 20 years ago. So it seems we were destined to be and we are happy to spread a little bit of our love with you. Over the last few years we’ve done some fantastic shoots. Including some fun ones with our gbaby!!! May the Fourth be with YOU!!!

DO NOT remove copyright information. Thank You!
DO NOT remove copyright information. Copyright of Cherie Barnett. Thank You!
DO NOT remove copyright information. Thank You!
DO NOT remove copyright information. Thank You!

Here’s a fun little composite that I did of our gbaby when she was a wee one!!!

Perrys Landing Tasting Event 4/25/21

So this is one of my favorite events that I look forward to ALL year!!! It’s not just about meeting new couples in love but this venue is ah-mazing!!!

Perrys Landing has some of the prettiest landscaping that creates a beautiful backdrop for your wedding ceremony and reception. Can we talk about sitting out tables on the lawn, to enjoy a meal and looking out at the gorgeous sunset streaming thru the trees?!?

Copyright of Cherie Barnett

When I tell you they show off… they do it big. I mean how awesome is it to see the potential of decor that’s available for your big day?!? Here’s just a few of my favorites!!! I have to admit I love a beautiful pop of color. Good thing I’m not getting married because these tablescapes are fabulous and I would not be able to choose just one.

Copyright of Cherie Barnett

Miss Ruby. Y’all!!! Her cakes are sooooo good! I don’t even care…. I. Will. Always. Eat. Cake!!! She makes my fat girl heart happy. Things just taste better with some love baked in and her cakes (I have enjoyed several at this point) are always delicious! Oh yeah and I don’t even mess around with them baby cakes – I grab up the full sized!!!

Copyright of Cherie Barnett

Can we talk competition? Can we talk about love for our competition? Well I’ve got mad love for Courtney of Sugar Peach. Not only is she so freakin adorable but she is the sweetest too. I’ve worked with her and even for her for several past events. If you need video she would be who I will recommend… EVERY time! PL’s DJ is pretty awesome. I may have shaked this booty five times or ten…. I dunno. That’s just a sign of having a great time and enjoying yourself. I always want to get in on the action and have fun at my events. So if you see me on the dance floor… join me!!! The musicians were so smooth and relaxing. I could totally envision hearing them playing welcoming music as your guests arrive, your ceremony entrance song and recessional music. PL’s staff is top notch! Mignon and her crew make sure every detail is executed perfectly and do it with such grace.

Copyright of Cherie Barnett

After confirming a special surprise was coming up…. I rounded up a couple and told them there was about to be some fireworks and I would love to try to get a few pics. They graciously came out…. and I captured a little something fun for them.

Copyright of Cherie Barnett

Once I was done I noticed another couple and someone with a cell phone getting some snaps of them. I was a little pushy and had their celltographer (yep I just made up that word) move over and let me get in there. The fireworks were nearly over but I made something magical in the end!!! Oh and if you’re wondering… that bright circle… it’s the moon.

Copyright of Cherie Barnett

I’d love to say Congrats to all the couples!!! Thank YOU to everyone that I got to chat with and that allowed me to capture just a quick moment of this exciting time preparing for one of the best days ever!!!

Copyright of Cherie Barnett

Finally…. a huge shoutout to my assistant. My skip to My LOU!!! Thank you for making my job easier! I love YOU!!! (previous selfie used because even though I intended to totally snap one of us… I forgot {insert super sad face}).

Soooo fun… our backstage adventure at Riverbanks

I’ve been working really hard on getting the studio cleaned out and ready for our upcoming 5/16 Spring Mini Sessions. We adore Riverbanks Zoo and so does our gbaby. As part of our membership we got to do a backstage experience. The little is too young to participate, so just me and the hubby adventured out on this one. OMG how much fun did we have!!! It was tough deciding but after some deliberation we chose the penguins…. because they are soooo cute and it ended up being a great fit with our scheduling.

Copyright of Cherie Barnett

I was pretty sure I was going to freeze so I made sure to bundle up extra extra because I get cold very easy now. I made sure to layer my clothes so I could be comfortable afterwards. I might have slightly overdressed. LOL.

And here they are….

Copyright of Cherie Barnett
Copyright of Cherie Barnett
Copyright of Cherie Barnett

These ain’t no koalas but can I squish them??? We’ve all seen Madagascar so, we know how incredibly crafty and charismatic these guys and gals can be… I mean we definitely could see some of their personalities shining through. Plus they little but got some attitude. I mean really…. they might just be my spirit animal.

We learned a lot of cool fun facts… like they have like 200 feathers in about the size of a postage stamp on their little selves!

Thank YOU Riverbanks for making this such a super fun day for us!!! The weather was amazing and your staff was beyond amazing!!! This was a perfect date day for us!!!

Copyright of Cherie Barnett

Oh and I almost forgot to mention….. If you visit… please take a moment to stop and appreciate all the hard work to make everything look beautiful. These little beauties were in various places… from a potted container to a large well maintained garden bed.

Copyright of Cherie Barnett

Spring Mini Sessions 5/16/2021

Hello! Spring Mini Sessions are now available for booking!!!

I’ll be offering Spring Mini Sessions on 5/16/21!!! Mini Sessions start at only $75 for 15 minutes and include 3 digital images (chosen by me) . Upgrade options are available. Take advantage of our special Bundle UP deal & get your choice of 3 mini sessions over the next year for only $225 this special deal includes a 15 minute session time and 5 digital images from each session (chosen by me) and priority scheduling for sessions!!!

Signing up is easy… just send an email to to let us know which appointment time you’re interested in, if you’d like a session or a bundle and then secure your session!

Our super cute setup is featured below!!! Some design elements (floor and accessories) might change slightly but the backdrop will be the same.

Appointment Times:

  1. 9:00am-9:20am
  2. 9:20am-9:40am
  3. 9:40am-10am
  4. 10am-10:20am
  5. 10:20am-10:40am
  6. 10:40am-11:00am
  7. 11:00am-11:20am
  8. 11:20am-11:40am
  9. 11:40am-12:00pm
  10. 12:00pm-12:20pm
  11. 12:20pm-12:40pm
  12. 12:40pm-1:00pm
  13. 1:00pm-1:20pm
  14. 1:20pm-1:40pm
  15. 1:40pm-2:00pm

Please let me know which time slot you’d like to reserve. $25 non-refundable payment (cashapp or Paypal via friends & family only) is due at time of booking to reserve your appointment time – appointment times will be updated as they are reserved. Balances will be due no later than 5/10/2021. Email me with your preferred session appointment time.

Help support a great cause!!!

Hello loves!!! I have donated 3… YES… 3 Mini Sessions for 5/16 to WLJ Angel Gowns Cuddle Cot Online Auction Fundraiser that starts tomorrow!!!

I always love when I can do something for good. Getting a great value in return, makes it even easier for us all to be extra generous when it’s for a great cause like this. Please consider helping to support this cause that can help provide a little comfort during an overwhelming time. You can find out more about this great non-profit by checking out their FB page W.L.J. Angel Gowns.

Please share this on your timeline and with others to spread awareness. My minis will be posted soon for appointments but this is the sneak peak of what our session will look like*!!! You can find us on FB as CherieB Photo (I’m waiting for FB to update my business name from At Last Productions)!

*flooring and props subject to change

O. M. Beautiful…..

Perrys Landing has got to be one of my most favorite places for a wedding. You can social distance with a gorgeous outside wedding and spread out tables in the barn and even in their tent. The decor is over-the-top amazing!!! This is one of our recent weddings that needs to be shared because it’s so beautiful. Get in touch with me today to reserve your wedding with me!!!

Our BIG announcement!!!

My big announcement day is here and I’m so excited to share with you what’s happening (and sharing my embarrassment too)….

These last few years have been filled with so much. We went from a super busy, growing business as empty nesters to basically new parents with getting custody of our gbaby. Sadly but dutifully, I put our business on the back burner. Honestly, as much as we loved our business, the services we provided and the great clients and friends we’ve helped, we had more important things to worry about. Our gbaby needed us. And we might not have realized it yet… but we needed her too. We now had an infant. OMG those sleepless nights, bottle feedings and all the new parent things. Diapers. The thousands of diapers. O. M. G. The. Diaper. Smells. Ok enough about poops….

I also underwent bariatric surgery in late 2019. For two major reasons, the first in support of my sister who had major medical issues and two I didn’t want to be the fat G (I hate that grandma word as it makes me feel old). I needed to get healthy because my gbaby needed me. So we took a little time and worked on our family and I also (selfishly) worked on myself to get healthier.  

I’m thrilled to report that we’ve settled in and are ready to restart things fresh and new.

So why the change??? Well I am going to honest. I screwed up. I’m a superwoman but I am also still super human. I know. It’s easy to forget all the little things (and sometimes big & was this ever BIG) that keeps a business flowing. To put it simply… I mistakenly allowed our website to expire. It was picked up by a production company that apparently focuses on intimate relationships. Ok. So let me just rip off the band aid… it’s a porn site now. YEP. That’s right. I never took our name as anything that remotely screamed that but someone else obviously had a much grander vision than what we ever did. I just can’t continue to use that name because well… if you saw it… you’d know.

And here we are…. Starting over with a new name, focus and website. I have learned my lesson and it’s a hard one. Autopay!!!

As we move forward, I will focus on more personal projects, mini sessions, portraits and smaller events and weddings (I adore them and can’t give them up just yet). My goal moving forward is to capture the beautiful milestones in your life for you and your family at a budget friendly rate. Create images that you will hang on the wall, share with your family and friends and work with other professionals to help build them up. We are stronger together than alone!!!

So what’s the other part of our big announcement??? I’ll no longer be shooting studio work inside of my little garage! Yaaaassssssss!!!! We are converting a building into a designated shooting space for me. This means that I can photograph anyone, at any time because I control the space. I’m soooo excited for this!!! I still have a ton of work to do to get it studio ready and I look forward to sharing my progress with everyone!

You might be wondering what does this mean for existing clients?!? Nothing. I’ll still be your photographer and provide the same level of love and attention to your wedding, event and session as I always did I’ll just be doing it under my own name as Cherie B Photo and not as At Last Productions. What about FaceBook? Well I’ll be honest and say I’m not sure. I’ll be attempting to change my name on it but that might be slow to do or not something I am able to do. While we work on this transition together I just ask for your patience and I wanted to announce it here so that there are no surprises as the changes happen.

Here’s to new beginnings and fresh new starts.