Elegant Lighting ~ Savannah Rapids ~ At Last Productions LLC ~ 07.13.2012

We had an absolutely amazing time at Gloria & Willie’s 40th Wedding Anniversary!!! It was an honor for At Last Productions LLC to provide beautiful lighting for their Anniversary.

It’s always fun for us to get to know the other vendors and who we are working with but this was definitely an exception because Renee Jackson at Creative Moments Catering did it all! From the table design, amazing buffet dinner to the  sweet dessert shooters!! Why in the world would one person take on such a huge undertaking? Well because Gloria & Willie are her parents!!  We are truly humbled to be asked to take part in such a glorious celebration.

As a dessert lover… Can I say… I was in heaven? There were so many yummy things… two absolutely amazing cakes, a huge chocolate fountain with an overwhelming bounty of fresh fruit to dip or just enjoy by itself.

I had to feature these scrumptious dessert shooters because Key Lime is my hubby’s favorite and of course I had to have the Triple Chocolate!! They may have been small but they packed a big kick of flavor and richness.

Please contact us today to reserve your date and to schedule a no obligation consultation to see how we can add beautiful lighting to your Celebration!!

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