Soooo fun… our backstage adventure at Riverbanks

I’ve been working really hard on getting the studio cleaned out and ready for our upcoming 5/16 Spring Mini Sessions. We adore Riverbanks Zoo and so does our gbaby. As part of our membership we got to do a backstage experience. The little is too young to participate, so just me and the hubby adventured out on this one. OMG how much fun did we have!!! It was tough deciding but after some deliberation we chose the penguins…. because they are soooo cute and it ended up being a great fit with our scheduling.

Copyright of Cherie Barnett

I was pretty sure I was going to freeze so I made sure to bundle up extra extra because I get cold very easy now. I made sure to layer my clothes so I could be comfortable afterwards. I might have slightly overdressed. LOL.

And here they are….

Copyright of Cherie Barnett
Copyright of Cherie Barnett
Copyright of Cherie Barnett

These ain’t no koalas but can I squish them??? We’ve all seen Madagascar so, we know how incredibly crafty and charismatic these guys and gals can be… I mean we definitely could see some of their personalities shining through. Plus they little but got some attitude. I mean really…. they might just be my spirit animal.

We learned a lot of cool fun facts… like they have like 200 feathers in about the size of a postage stamp on their little selves!

Thank YOU Riverbanks for making this such a super fun day for us!!! The weather was amazing and your staff was beyond amazing!!! This was a perfect date day for us!!!

Copyright of Cherie Barnett

Oh and I almost forgot to mention….. If you visit… please take a moment to stop and appreciate all the hard work to make everything look beautiful. These little beauties were in various places… from a potted container to a large well maintained garden bed.

Copyright of Cherie Barnett

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