Hello….. Can you hear me now?

Since all the cool kids have a blog… why shouldn’t we?  We are cool. Aren’t we?

Stay tuned as we blog about what’s going on in both our personal and business lives.

We look forward to providing a little chuckle here and there and a real personal look into what makes us tick.

So my fun for the day is it’s football Sunday. Yay! Except… I’m not all that big of a football fan. Yeah I like the buff guys in super tight pants and the shots of them bending over and the wings and beer. Ok you get the point right. My husband really tries to give the Falcons the benefit of the doubt every year and today was no different. He asks if I want to make a bet with him that they will make it to the Super Bowl. What are you kidding me? Go ahead and give me my prize now! Obviously I do not have alot of faith that they are going to make it. So I quickly scooped up his bet. I hope them ATL boys don’t let me down.

Here’s the deal……  If the ATL boys make it to the Super Bowl (they don’t even have to win) Phillip gets a 70″ 3D TV! If they don’t, I get the money equivalent of the TV & get to spend it on anything that I want!! This bet was made before the start of the game today and all I have to say now is… They are not disappointing me!!

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