Atlanta United ~ An amazing day in Canada 7/28/18

We had an amazing opportunity to visit Montreal Canada to see Atlanta United whoop up on Montreal Impact. Too much. Too soon? Well. We had sooo much fun. My only regret is not asking about a stamp for my passport (I don’t even know if that’s still a thing).

Our day started at 3:50am on Saturday. We got ready and headed to Atlanta to visit the training center of the Atlanta United FC. First of all, this is a beautiful facility. Everyone was so hospitable. We were met with a lavish breakfast spread and soon after we boarded our bus transportation to head to the airport.

We pulled up to our plane and loaded in. The staff on board went above and beyond to make sure we had an enjoyable flight. I’ll say this. If you’re not being served ice cream as your after meal dessert you might be missing out on one of the funnest things EVER!!! I won’t lie. I totally felt like a big kid. Then they brought out the big guns. Yes…. I’m talking king size Reese’s cups, Snickers, Kit Kat – so much indulgence. Sooo much fun!!! And the chips. Let me not forget them. Only the best flavors. I got my favorite Doritos and was very very happy. Oh yeah, I had a few or four baby bottles filled with vodka. After all that goodness you gotta wash it down with something.

Before we knew it we were in Montreal Canada. I really couldn’t get over this beautiful country. The vibrancy. The quaint homes with stunning architecture. This is just a collection of my favorite views as we headed over to our first stop.

I was a little nervous when one of our hosts said it was a 15 minute brisk walk to the top of Mont Royal. I mean, being a fluffy girl and hearing a very fit young man vocalize that word… brisk. I started to have palpitations right then. But I didn’t come this far to not see all I can or do all I could. So I pulled up my big girl pants and got to huffing and hiking up this (now) dreaded mountain. Let me be clear: there’s not usually any sentences that contains me and the outdoors. As I am a self proclaimed “inside dog”. I had got all worked up over nothing. We reached the top in no time at all. Even though it was a steady incline it never ever felt like an overwhelming or daunting physical excursion. When we reached the top… It was a breathtaking view. I would have walked 100x that distance to see that gorgeous setting again.

Our next adventure was a quick trip to the Montreal Botanical Gardens. I could have spent all day here. The Japanese inspired gardens were gorgeous. I could have sat down and smelled the sweetness of warm sunshine and full blooms all day. There is something so calming and refreshing in gardening. It’s a reminder that we are all here for a short little while and that beauty is found within us all.

Warning: DO NOT PUT YOUR FOOT IN THE TOILET. I’m not sure why that was inside the bathroom stall but every warning usually comes from a not so smart person doing something extremely questionable. It’s so out of focus, most likely, because I was giggling so much. It definitely deserved to be included and will go in my collection of special bathroom notices/warnings that humor me.

We get to the stadium. We have amazing seats!!! The drinks are flowing and the food is yummy. We find out another small group has come out to support the team. We are surrounded in a sea of white and blue. We are few but we are mighty as we are Atlanta United. We didn’t just show up… we came to win. And win we did. Unite and conquer!!!

A huge shoutout to everyone that made this an experience of a lifetime! Thank you to the energetic, humorous and spirited crew that kept us on track and entertained. You all are AWESOME!!! Thank you for everything it not nearly enough but it must be said. Thank YOU!!!

Until our next adventure.



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