52 Week Photo Project ~ 1 of 52


I am challenging myself to share my photography and stories via pictures here with you on our blog over the next year. I will be posting an image weekly based on a word from a photography project. I encourage you to think about what is important to YOU. For me, it’s simple… my husband, my daughter, our family and our business is everything. Sometimes we forget what are the most important things and our priorities fall all out of whack. I hope to regain focus and connect. Remember in life sometimes you have to put yourself first in order to do for others. Some may say that’s selfish. I say… How can you take care of someone else, when you can’t even take care of yourself?

This week’s word is: CHANGE

I immediately thought of the very personal journey I’m on right now to CHANGE for MY  health. So far since the beginning of the year I’ve lost 7 pounds. That’s not a lot as you can see. But it is a change… a CHANGE in me. My dedication to myself to become the person I know that’s inside of me trapped like R. Kelly. I’m waiting to bust out and I know that in this process the struggles will be at times overwhelming, heartbreaking and beyond challenging. This will be the hardest thing I will ever do. However I know that I will be healthy, happy and restored in the end.

What CHANGE to you hope to make or continue in the New Year?



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