Jennifer & John are Married!!! 3/31/12 – Augusta Wedding DJ & Videography

Our goal for every event is to make sure that the bride and groom have an amazing time. We want to take care of the details that need worrying over and that need to be tended to so they can just relax and have a good time. I know that sounds simple but it isn’t always so simple. It takes all vendors coming together and working for the same goal in mind. We were so lucky to be able to work with a few of our favorite vendors. A huge Thank You goes out to the caterer, Tastefully Done, because they graciously watched over my DJ equipment to make sure it was protected from the rain. I would also like to Thank David Russell (Photography) who is always a pleasure to work with – I appreciate you letting me borrow your batteries for my camera! And of course I would like to Thank the staff at Living History Park.

Congratulations Jenn & John, we wish you a thousand years of love, happiness and dreams come true!!

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